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Marketing methods and standards have been changed from a decade then it was some 50 years back. With the advancements in digital products like introducing the world to television, the printing of ads, social media, websites, offline platforms and Google. Buyers and consumers today are connected online 24/7. It is estimated that adults consume about approximately 6-7 hours of digital media and that does not count for internet-based jobs.

And that is possible with the best digital marketing services provided by Web Integrator online company. Your biggest asset is your website and also it is your marketing platform too, it should provide 24 hours of online sales representation. But how?

Here comes the Web Integrator Ltd digital marketing team that will provide your assistance on developing effective and grabbing online marketing strategies. This will help in driving more traffic and visitors to your website. Our service in internet marketing will help you in converting the visitors to your sales and leads.

Digital marketing is a type of online promotional activity done on the web. There are various different channels of digital marketing. Web Integrator provides digital marketing services in the following categories

Website Development and designing

Websites are used as an engagement tool between you and the buyer. A good website design help in deciding the credibility of the business.

Social Media marketing

It is estimated that on average an adult has at least one social media account and spends least of 2-4 hours on it. Social media promotional campaigns are a good source to advertise your website and these platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

You can get more qualified visitors’ traffic to your website, increase sales and leads with SEO optimisation.

Content marketing

You can engage the audience with the help of the creation and distribution of relevant and highly valuable content that may include newsletters, e-books, blog post and white papers.

Facebook ads

You can target Facebook for your promotional campaigns as Facebook ads because it is one of the most used and biggest platform for targeting consumers and buyers.

Google ads

We run google ads for complementing your marketing strategies with search engine and social medial advertising.

Email marketing

This is a cost-effective way to target buyers. Our professional email marketing team will assist you to keep your campaigns and website alive by sending newsletters to new and existing customers.

People search the websites every time and if your website is not among the top then you will not be able to get noticed by the buyers. That’s why Web Integrator Ltd helps you to generate more traffic, sales and leads. We believe that your website is your top and number one marketing tool for your business, so we provide service to make it the topmost.

Choosing the Right Digital Service 

It depends on many factors like your budget, objectives, services, goals, targeted audience and many other factors. But you don’t need to worry, Web Integrator first analyse and measure your website and then give suggestion for the best services and channels to invest it.

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Jakob Nielsen
Networking Lead
One of the best SEO specialists in Bangladesh. I am very satisfied with his service. Highly recommended!
Mary Kay
Design Lead
The Web Integrator Team member Jewel is always willing to do the extra for our team and our clients. He frequently assists us with last-minute requests and questions, helping us give our clients the best service. Apart from His knowledge of website design & develop he has very technically sound in Search engine optimization.
Incense Pro
Incense Pro
The most cooperative and best SEO specialist. Thank you so much for working so hard on Incense Pro, due to your contribution this company got ranked way faster than we had anticipated!!
Jason Smith
Consulting Director
He is not only helped me but also amplified my customer base, He has truly impressed my business overall. I am very happy with SEO Brand's campaign and with our results.