It will help the organisation to track the right inventory with details.

Point of Sale

In general, there are two types of POS are used for service. One is for retail shop and other is for hospitality business like restaurant or hotel. The main benefit of using a point-of-sale system is, it’s directly connected with a software run from a server or on a PC which can give to access all the data and maintain inventory in real-time. For taking the advantages most of all the shop move their manual cash registers from the point-of-sale system. The key benefit of an electronic POS system over a cash register is the stylish and comprehensive sales reports. The application or software have sales analyze module which can help an owner in different ways, like sales details, promotion or discount reports, total item sold per day with the best-sold categories, manage the store, and employee. It will help the organization to track the right inventory with details and generate an alert when a product touch a minimum number in stock. Also generate a report based on daily, weekly or monthly also check the profit in real-time.




Traditional methods to manage stock involve physically review the stock by visiting the warehouse on a regular basis. Obviously, this can be a difficult and time overwhelming procedure, particularly for a large-scale businesses organization. The contemporary point of sale systems allows all stock to be scanned and move to a digital database. Sellers can consequently review the complete stock levels at a glance and make accurate selling verdicts accordingly.




The POS system offers a range of facilities which can improve the service quality and employee’s efficiency. The process moves positively that a business owner and the entire team will benefit from it. This system can improve the confidence level of a user. They would not occupy much time to memorize any product details like package tags, price, sizes etc. With the barcode scanner, they would not have to put the information manually in systems. Where the whole procedure runs in manually in the traditional system and it was time-consuming and decrease the service qualities.




The latest POS systems offer a variety of reports which can be a customizable format or would use the default layout. The reports come along with general information and also allow the critical financial calculation to find out the targeted goal and estimate the profit based on expense and product cost. So that, the owner can easily get an overview and easily understand overall success. The systems also deliver data involving the stock controlling process. This helps to establish the stock levels in stable, ensuring sufficient stock to meet consumer demand and maximizing the potentiality.




Users Interface

  • Use Group Rights
  • User Rights


Retail Interface 

  • Customer Database
  • Sales History
  • Electronic Signature Storage
  • Customer Groups
  • Store Credit
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Email Capability


Purchasing / Receiving

  • Supplier Database
  • Reorder & Restock Levels
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Stock Replenishment Report
  • Purchasing Report
  • Credit/debit card support



  • Custom Barcodes
  • Intuitive Dashboard

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