Web Hosting Services

You can build, promote and publish your very own website in a brilliant way.

Web Integrator Ltd. provides services for web hosting like

Shared Hosting

We provide different plans and packages for shared hosting and you can select the one that best suits your requirements. We grantee you 99% uptime. Our plans have numerous features for the windows system and also for Linux. You can easily transfer your website from any host.


  • Strict security measures
  • High tech and advanced performance servers
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Advanced control panel
  • Technical support
  • Free website migration

VPN hosting

Web Integrator Ltd provides unlimited virtual server plans for your website to be successful. you can enjoy servers, speed and control.


  • Fast SSD storage
  • Recovery system
  • Automatic provision system
  • Root access
  • Expert support
  • Full security

Dedicated Servers

We always strive for providing high-quality standards for the best performance and use the advanced latest technology. You can manage your resources with our servers for your mega-size website.


  • Management services
  • Operating system license
  • Tailored specifications
  • Various operating system
  • Options for upgrade
  • Expert support

Email Hosting

With your professional website, you will be required to have a professional email. We guarantee you spam-free email hosting for your business to run smoothly.


  • Brilliant management and setup
  • Business design
  • 99% uptime
  • Monetarily benefit
  • Cloud email service

Website development

We provide services for customized website development. You will get the hosting plan and domain registration with our website development services.

Back up services

Our services also protect your hosting data from loss. We help you in the recovery of your data anytime from anywhere. We provide backup software that is quite easy to use and offers various management features, which is convenient for you to recover your data.

Why we for web hosting services?

Wide Geographical coverage

We provide servers to many geographical regions.


We provide most updated systems for security that keep your website safe

SSD storage

We offer SSD storage along with protection which is better and fast in performance


Our support is 24/7 available for help to resolve any of your ambiguities and issues.

Best services for Web hosting and Domain

  • Easily start your website
  • Fee transfer of website from any host
  • A guided support
  • Email
  • Builders for website
  • Guarantee money

Begin building your website now

You are just a few steps away from starting your website idea to a successful project.

So start by selecting the right domain for your website and choose the designs and templates from premium plans offered by Web Integrator Ltd for the development services of the website. Our services of web hosting attract more and new customers and you can start all this with a simple budget. We always support our clients to strive and reach for the brilliant outcomes for their new business websites.