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Facebook advertising services are professional ads that focus on building, optimizing, and managing advertising for a business. The Facebook ads service provides companies' primary focus on engaging the audiences, generating awareness, increasing sales, & achieve a return on investments target.

Facebook ads manager is a very effective advertising method because of its many active users. It is a good business advertising choice because it returns higher than the other advertising platforms. Facebook CPC is comparatively lower, so Web Integrator's expert advertising tactics make it more suitable, cost-effective, & profitable for your business.

What Is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are the paid advertising medium of Facebook social media used by businesses, brands, service providers, etc. You can reach your ad to the people who are mattered to your business the most. The Facebook business manager can target a specific location's users, profile information, interest-based and demographically. You can set a limit or budget for impressions & clicks. The target users will see your ad the way you set it.

Business Benefits of Facebook Ads

Business Benefits Of Facebook Ads

Facebook is considered as the popular top social media platform. According to statistics, Facebook now has approximately 2.89 billion monthly active users. Because of Facebook's massive user base, it has come up with many business opportunities.

  • Facebook ads cost is comparatively low.
  • Facebook ads reach your content higher to the right people.
  • You can reach your exact targeted audience by micro-targeting and block you don't want.
  • Facebook has unique ad types like payables, collection, slideshow, and carousel ads.
  • Facebook has enormous data, so it will show you estimated performance forecasting while setting up the ads.
  • Facebook advertising has advanced analytics that shows you in-depth what's working & what's not.
  • Sponsored messages in a targeted person's inbox effectively achieve business goals if the targetting is perfect.
  • You can perform A/B ad testing for better exposures.
  • Facebook advertising results come up very fast.
  • The Facebook ad gives you comforting independence of limited budget & achieve extensively.
  • You can use the Facebook ad objective feature for a specific promotion for a particular time.
  • Facebook ads allow you to retarget the people who had an engagement with your business.
  • Facebook ads are perfectly suitable for acquiring leads.
  • An optimized ads campaign can give you higher leads, sales, or conversion with low spending.
  • Facebook ads for a service business is a quick growth tactic.
  • Sharing your website's valuable content on Facebook will get you authoritativeness.
  • Good communication with the audience on Facebook can help to get more loyal customers.

Best Qualities of A Facebook Advertising Agency

Best Qualities Of A Facebook Advertising Agency

It is essential to pick the best advertiser for your business. An agency for the Facebook ad is a wise choice for you because a Facebook ad company has the necessary advertising equipment, resources, expertise, and credibility to execute it properly.

You consider hiring an advertising agency if they have:

  • Ability to understand your business condition & needs.
  • Being adaptive & updated on social media trends & advertising guidelines.
  • Honest approaches with practical examples.
  • Having a more profound knowledge of all kinds of Facebook ad criteria.
  • Having necessary resources, expertise & experience.
  • Transparent Facebook ad management pricing.

Our Facebook Ad Services Features

At Web Integrator, we will provide you with all-in-one advertising solutions for Facebook. We align our advertising strategy with the current trend and optimize it properly to maximize our reach, engagement, sales, and, ultimately, your profit.

Our Facebook advertising service features are:

  • A Dedicated Social Media Specialist Account Manager.
  • Plan & Make an Advertising Campaigns Strategy.
  • Design & Develop Unique Ads Idea
  • Proper Audience Targeting with Exceptional Tweaking’s.
  • Facebook Ad Account Setup & Tweaking’s.
  • Facebook Pixel Implementations.
  • Optimized Facebook Ads Delivery for Mobile.

Best Facebook Advertising Services by Web Integrator


Facebook makes it more comfortable than ever to attach to your targeted audience and produce additional sales for your little business. Our Facebook advertising services will position your business directly before a specific cross-sectional of users on mobile devices or desktops. Our Facebook ad management services are:

Facebook Post Engagement Boost

Facebook post engagement boost is a type of advertising to promote any post on your page. It can be website links, photos, videos, offers, or status messages you posted on the page's timeline. You can post anything with your creativity to grab user's attention & make them see what you are offering. It is excellent for short product or service reviews, website content marketing, marketing campaigns, new blog posts, and pictures or videos of your product or services of your business.

Facebook Ads for Website Conversions

Running Facebook ads for website conversion is a fantastic way to retarget the people who might become your potential customer. Let me tell you how it works. We'll integrate pixels to your website to track Facebook visitors to see how they are interacting with your website & they are converting or not. Upon monitoring the visitor's behavior & other essential metrics, we can retarget the people who seem interested in your business product or services. So once they again see the same product or service on Facebook, there's a good chance they'll again know what you are offering, and they might purchase what you are selling. To run this type of ad requires a particular advertising expert like Web Integrator.

Facebook Offer Ads

Facebook offer ads are perfect for shopkeepers who want to encourage shoppers to patronize their store. However, if your e-commerce shopping cart is ready to receive promotional codes, it will apply to online listings. For example, after a Facebook user "deletes" his ad, he will receive detailed information and a promotional code in his inbox.

We'll create an optimized offer post for your product or services and promote it to reach higher advertisements.

YouTube Ads For Website Clicks

These ads help drive traffic to your website. For example, you can direct visitors to your blog, encourage them to check out your newest product. So, you send them to a landing page with a contact form and a special offer, and more!

To boost specific action on your ads, you can also add a Call-To-Action button, such as "Download," "Sign Up," "Learn more," etc.

Facebook Events Advertisement

An event is a good way of gathering people interested in the same industry as your business. You can easily create a gathering using Facebook events and give them valuable information alongside your product or service suggestions.

Suppose your company is holding events such as seminars, seminars, or open days. In that case, you can use Facebook event announcements to invite your audience. We'll help you optimize your event with every catchy title and description full of your business targeted keywords.

Web Integrator's Additional Facebook Ads Services

Aside from all of our Facebook advertising features & primary services, we also provide some essential related services like:

  • Landing page creation & optimizations.
  • Audience targeting & monitoring.
  • Activity, action, or call tracking.
  • Generate recurring advertising campaigns.
  • Overall monitoring & tweaking.
  • Monthly performance report.

Our Facebook ad management packages are significantly cheaper compare to the market. We are popular As a Facebook advertising agency for small businesses. So, our Facebook advertising agency pricing is affordable.

Hire Web Integrator For Facebook Ads Services

We have lived in digital marketing for more than ten years. As a Facebook advertising agency, we predict all aspects of the marketing before even starting it. Our other professional services are:

As a successful Facebook ads agency, we always ensure the client's satisfaction. That's why our satisfied customers speak for ourselves. So check out our client's testimonials and look at the projects in case studies successfully done. If you have any confusion regarding anything, then we'll appreciate it if you contact us.

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