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WordPress to Shopify Migration is a process of transferring your existing WordPress website to the Shopify platform. With the help of dedicated experts, you can move all data from one platform to another in just a few simple steps. This process includes migrating your products, customers, content, and other critical information so that you can continue running on Shopify without having to start all over again from scratch.

Why Should You Use Shopify Over WordPress?


There are 4,208,571, 287 people currently using the internet, and 40,000 google searches are performed in a second. So the traditional businesses are focusing on onboarding their business online.

So many non-techy business owners are launching their business online, and that's why Shopify is becoming so popular with them.

Suppose any company developed their websites in WordPress. In that case, they are deciding to migrate their website to Shopify because of their non-tech functionalities and features.

• You know precisely how much you'll be spending each month, and the pricing is reasonable.
• There's access to thousands of apps to spread your store.
• The themes are productive and attractive.
Shopify supervises everything for you, from hosting to protection.
• It needs simply a few moments to begin your store.
• Dropshipping is preferably easy with Shopify.
• They have the best support service.

What's The Best Way To Migrate From WordPress To Shopify?

To migrate your WordPress website to Shopify, you've got three options to do it. You should see the comparison of these options to decide which best-suited choice is for you.

The three ways are:

  • Manual Standard Migration: Export and import manually.
  • Using Tools: Use automated shopping cart migration software.
  • Using Agency Professionals: Hire a web development agency or freelancer.
Let's see the comparison between them:
Manual Standard Migration
• Security: If you do it by yourself, then there's no chance of leaking your data.

• Cost: If you do it by yourself self then It'll save your money.

• Redundancy: Using manual standard migration, there's a low chance of missing data during the migration process.
• Time: It'll take a lot of time.

• Skill: You need to have enough talent for the operations. You need to have a more profound understanding of both platform's databases.

• Troubleshoot High chance of unexpected errors and outcomes.

• Support: No supports.
Using Tools
• Skill: No technical knowledge required.

• Process: Tools have specific features to perform the migration by using some clicks.

• Cost & Time: Save your time & money.

• Support: Technical support from the tool company.
• Error: Unexpected errors might happen.

• Functionality: You need to check page manually by page to see the functionality works or not.

• Security: Your entire website data preserved in a third-party tool.

• Cost: If you find any of your content or tools non-functional, then you've got to perform the whole migration process again, which might take extra charge of the tool.
Using Agency Professionals
• Security: If you choose a reliable development agency, your website data will be bound by the privacy & data security policy.

• Skill: The professionals have enough expertise to do the job perfectly and safely.

• Time: It'll save a lot of your time & effort.

• Functionality: Professional agencies can perform a quick functionality test, and they can solve specific adjustments if they find any problem—no need to complete the migration process again.

• Error: Any possible errors can be handled without losing your data.

• Support: They are obligated to solve any of your problems.
• Security: If you hire a freelancer or unprofessional agency, then your data is at risk.

• Cost: The dedicated service providing agency professionals fee will be higher than any tool. But the spending here is worth it because of the perfect job completion.

• Additional Charges: Some development agencies charge extra money for additional support and improvement or an additional hour of work.
Web Integrator's Migration Process:
  • Before Performing Migration, Erase Everything On Desired Store.
  • Backup Your Existing Platforms Databases.
  • Conserve Order, Product & Customer ID on Desired Platform.
  • Create 301 Redirects to Desired Platform
  • Preserve Customer Password
  • Conceive Product Variants Based on Targeted Platform's Format.
  • Transfer SEO Attributes of Products and Categories.
  • Transfer Blog Post & Its Descriptions, Products, Categories Images.
  • Adjust Products Quantity on Desired Platform.
  • Transfer Extra Images
  • Transfer Other Short and Full Descriptions
  • Resettle SKUs of The Products.
  • Transfer Desired Platform's Invoices, Credit Memos, and Shipments Information.
  • Adjust Between Source Store Customers Groups and The Customer Tags.
  • Transfer Origin Store Categories toward Shopify Automated Collections.
How Your Data Will Be Safe During Migration?
How Your Data Will Be Safe During Migration
  • Server Security: All migration operations will perform by Top Class Cloud servers located in the UK, Singapore, USA, Euro & Australia.
  • Data Security: The data is shielded by 128-bit SSL encryption and HTTPS secure protocol. We maintain complete confidentiality. No data will be stored on Web Integrator servers after completing the migration.
  • Data Safety: We'll perform a complete backup of your website. It'll help us to roll back and redo the process if something critical problem happens.
  • Data Access Restriction: The assigned Web Integrator's experts will handle your website's access and the source code for the custom migration process.
  • NDA: After the migration, we will not save your credentials or import any records. We ensure that your data will not be migrated or used for any purpose other than migration.
  • Payment Security: World-class top payment gateways will process your payment. Therefore, we don't store any payment data.
Why Choose Web Integrator?
Why Should You Choose SEOServicesBD?

We don't just give service and close the door. We perform the actions which you require, we finish it, and then we check if everything's alright or not.

After migrating your website, we'll check the below things:

  • We'll perform a design audit on your new Shopify store.
  • We'll switch the domain by changing the DNS.
  • We'll set up your shipping procedures if you need them.
  • We'll establish a payment gateway if you need it.
  • We'll place some orders to check the website's functionality.
  • We'll check other options like (search, filter, tags, category, etc.) to see everything's acceptable or not.

Besides, we don't do just this kind of migration service. We provide more than this. We offer a complete web development service, some of which are listed below:

Hire Web Integrator Ltd For Shopify To WordPress Migration Service

Web Integrator promises to take care of it all for you. So you don't have to worry and can supervise your center on extra essential stuff. You can get your eCommerce company to another level after transferring your website and starting your Shopify website for you.

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