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Google Merchant Center Setup Service is a fast and easy way to get your business connected with Google. We offer our expertise and experience to help you build your online presence on the world's largest search engine.

Our integrated service will help you create a merchant account, list products/services, manage inventory, set up payment methods, generate reports, and much more. With our setup services, you can easily increase your online visibility, grow your customer base, and boost sales.

We provide the resources you need to maximize your business opportunities through Google Merchant Center. With our help, you can create a powerful presence on this global platform to reach more customers and drive more sales.

Get in touch today and learn how our team can help you set up your Google Merchant Center account quickly and easily.

What is the Google Merchant Center Setup?

Google Merchant Center is a digital program that lets you enlist products and does advertising for them. You can upload products with helpful information to sell online quickly. This process will boost your business reach so users can browse and shop from your Google catalog.

Benefits of Google Merchant Center Setup

The main benefit of Google Merchant Center is that it allows you to send complete and accurate ads to Google Shopping for your products.

The Google Merchant Center feed is a table that arranges all the product data. This table makes it more natural for Google to understand your business, offers & products.

To give your visitors trustworthy information about your product, you can change any product data anytime.

The sheets imported through the product flow are ideally optimized for search engines, so they are easier for internet users to find.

The most specific GMC benefits are:

  • Mark your products and brands from trusted Google sources.
  • Send higher qualified traffic to your website.
  • Shopping ads are better than text ads for e-commerce.
  • Improve your brand's credibility through product and seller reviews.
  • More information about your customers has higher visibility at the local level.

Google is the most widely used search engine globally, with a global search volume of 90% (3.3 billion times per day).

If you can use this vast self-served visitor by optimizing your products, then you can get huge potential customers of your store.

What Information Do You Need For Product Listing?

After knowing how the Google Merchant Center account works, you may want to know what information is required for product listings. Here are notable features of the GMC:

  • Product Title: For a search query, the product name is the primary information Google applies to define the relevance of your product. So in the product title, you should use the best, high-traffic & relevant keywords to get more extra users. You should maintain the Google product title because Google can display 70 characters of your title to use up to 150 characters.
  • Product Image: For adding your products, you need a good quality product image. You won't get customers to engage with your product ads if you have a low-quality or a blurry image. Ensure there aren't any signs, logos, or texts on the photos when adding the listings.
  • Product Category: Google can only view your product category. Selecting the right product category can boost your appearance in relevant search results. Whenever possible, you should choose a specific product category to appear in the correct search results.
  • Link To Your Website: If people are interested in your product, you need to invite them to visit your website to make a purchase. Add links to product listings on your website to generate conversion leads.
  • Price: People might ask how much your product is worth, compare prices, and find the best place to buy it. Including the price in your list makes it easier for users to see if your product is within budget.

By adding this information, you'll build a dynamic product listing in your Google Merchant Center feed

Why Should You Take Google Merchant Setup Service?

Good things come up with good opportunities with constructive functionalities. You can manage the Google Merchant Center platform to showcase your products and create personalized ads to gain customers.

However, sometimes you need to meet certain GMC product process technical specifications. Similarly, it is also essential to prepare the catalog in a specific format (XML, CSV, or TXT) that requires specialized knowledge to send the product stream.

There are a few methods to upload the products to the Merchant Center:

  • Importing from Google Spreadsheet, TXT, or an XML.
  • One by one product addition (Manual upload)
  • By using FTP / SFTP Content API.
Web Integrator's Google Merchant Setup Services
SEOServicesBD Google Merchant Setup Services

Using Google Shopping campaigns to sell products to Google is critical to the success of an online business.

The initial move is to create a Google Merchant Center account, prepare a product feed, and then approve your product on Google. These tasks require technical expertise alongside time and energy. If done incorrectly, it may cause costly errors in Google Ads.

Let our team set up your Google Merchant Center, prepare your feed, and monitor your Google Shopping feed.

  • GMC Creation & Account Setup.
  • Shipping Settings Configurations.
  • Feed Development of Google Shopping Products.
  • Setup Google Shopping Feed Automation to present to Google once per day (Automated Feed is required)
  • Set up Tax Settings for the US-based business.
  • Supervise product issues and violations.
  • Regular pending items and violations solving.
  • Product issues solving by manual review.
  • Develop campaign & improve its structure.
  • Monthly analysis of feed to see everything is ongoing without any interruptions.

Other relevant additional services are:

  • Optimization of Product Feed Data.
  • Identify data feed errors and solve them.
  • Merchant Account Suspension Recovery Solution.
  • Misrepresentation errors solutions of merchant account.
  • Monitoring Conversion & do re-marketing if required.
  • Feed Management on Daily, Week, Monthly Periodically Based.
  • Dedicated Support.
Why Web Integrator Ltd?

As a competitive google ads media company, we have 10+ years of experience which advantages are:

  • Potential Customers Targeting.
  • Faster Execution & Results.
  • Cost-Effective Packages & High ROI.
  • Standard Research & Fact Discovery.
  • Competitive Market Research.
  • GMC Account Overview & Comprehensive Analysis.
  • Generate Progressive Strategy & Build Campaign.
  • Research, Optimize, Grow, Analyze & Repeat.
Hire Web Integrator Ltd For Google Merchant Setup Service

Depending on the above factors, creating a product feed may be the biggest obstacle to starting shopping ads. But working in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads is very effective for your business. It is why we are here to help you with your business to grow and develop.

Our other dedicated services are:

Our advertisement team has more than 10+ years of experience, so let's set up a meeting or get a quote for your existing business.

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