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Social media advertising services represent the combination of specific analytical & strategic analysis for understanding the suitable platform, grow audiences, and promote necessary advertising for reaching massive active audiences. Social Advertising is used to show the business profile, promote an offer or announcement, and engage targeted people to the business page.

Social Media Benefits For Business

Social Media Benefits For Business

Social media advertising
is very beneficial for a business because you can reach many potential customers through it. However, following the most important part of social media advertising example by doing market research and eventual analysis, you can improve the advertising performance in reducing cost.

  • Targeted Audience: You can target interest-based audiences, and they are your targeted business customers.
  • Acquire Potential Customers: You can reach the actual audiences who might be potential customers.
  • Authority Buildup: It's an opportunity to build a relationship with your customer because they can give feedback on social media.
  • Regenerate Customer Interest: You can re-advertise to the people who have visited your website.
  • More Practical Data: You can apply an artificial intelligence-based data-driven audience targetting approach.
  • Practical Evaluation: You can quickly evaluate which business approach works and which not.
  • Cost-Effective: You can build a high reachable result-driven campaign with a minimum cost.
  • Website Traffic: You can drive unlimited traffic to your website or a specific sales page.
  • Good ROI: You can optimize & follow up the paid campaigns to get the best result to help you achieve your Return On Investment.
  • Brand Awareness: You can target the most valuable customers to get the necessary brand awareness quickly.
  • Customer Loyalty Development: You can use word-of-mouth tactics by creating customer loyalty by having recurring sales and providing dedicated after-sales services to the customers.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms


Every business has its unique product or services. Similarly, social media platforms have their class & type of users. To do social media advertising, we must understand which business is suited for which social media. Here are the advertising opportunities of popular social media platforms.

Facebook Boosting Service:

  • From the 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook advertising reaches 1.95 billion people.
  • An average Facebook user monthly clicks 12 advertisements.
  • 6% of SMM experts say that they run video campaigns on Facebook.

Instagram Advertising Service:

  • Instagram has more than billions of active users that can make it very effective to target.
  • Average 5.7% of targeted users can be reached in an Instagram ads campaign.
  • An average of 92% of Instagram users has the experience of following a brand at first. Then visit their landing page or website. Or buy something from this brand after seeing their products or service on social media.

Twitter Advertising Service:

  • 26% of Twitter users are comfortable with viewing ads on Twitter.
  • The link from the brand tweets is clicked by 92% from total user interactions.
  • Twitter ads are 12% more performing than TV during live telecast programs like contests, concerts, or seminars.

LinkedIn Advertising Service:

  • Up to 12% of the global population can be reached by LinkedIn advertising.
  • Linkedin is considered as the top paid b2b & professionals social media platform.
  • Average 65% of professional brand or B2B business holders say they have acquired new clients using LinkedIn paid ads.

Pinterest Advertising Services

  • A professional company or brand's content average of 83% of weekly repin users decides to purchase.
  • 98% of Pinterest users stated that when they are trying to find new things, they find them on Pinterest.
  • An average of 77% of Pinterest users said they found a new product or brand on this social media platform.

Social Media Advertising Services By Web Integrator Ltd.

Social Media Advertising Service By Web Integrator

Web Integrator follows proven tactics with maintaining standard community approaches. That's why our advertising services are hassle-free and effective. In addition, we support A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting interested audiences. Social media services pricing is depended on many things. There are various social media marketing services packages. Let's take a look at what we are offering here:

Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook is the most used & biggest social media advertising platform. Facebook has 1.88 billion daily active users during the first quarter of 2021. Facebook is a widely recognized social media platform, so it's a great place to start social media advertising from here. It has many suitable mediums to advertise that fit almost every business type.

  • Slideshow: We can create a video advertisement from a couple of photos using this medium.
  • Carousel: We can advertise multiple videos & images with links in one advertisement.
  • Instant Experience: We can create organized & intense ads using all media elements, like text, images, video, carousels, etc., on one single page. This page is straightforward to interact with the users.

We have been providing Facebook advertising services for years to assure you of your Return On Investments (ROI).

Instagram Advertising Service

In 2021, Instagram ads revenue reached $18.16 billion. Its popularity is developing day by day, so more people are joining here and becoming active. According to Hootsuite:

  • 50% of people purchase a product or service from a website after seeing it in their Instagram brand account.
  • On average, 500 Million people use the Instagram stories feature.
  • An average of 130 million people monthly do shopping from Instagram posts.
  • An average of 81% of people use Instagram to research services & products.

As you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the functionalities are almost identical, but Instagram has more extensive advertising features. They are:

  • Instagram Shopping Ads
  • Instagram Photo Ads
  • Instagram Video Ads
  • Instagram Stories Ads
  • Instagram Carousel Ads
  • Instagram IGTV Ads
  • Instagram Explore Ads
  • Instagram Collection Ads

Each variety of advertisements is suitable for different business goals and provides diverse call-to-action prospects. Web Integrator Ltd is specialized in every ad feature of Instagram.

Twitter Advertising Service:

Twitter has an overall 199 million active & monetizable users, according to the latest news. There are 55 million US active Twitter users. Its average development ratio is 27 percent by every year.

Twitter paid advertisement has targeting features like Facebook. Its targeting includes the device, platform, location, language, gender, and carrier. But there's s two significant differences between Twitter & other social media advertising.

  • Twitter targets the keyword and a user's Pinterest searches.
  • Twitter targets the people following interests.

There's essential to understand that you are not targeting the followers of these accounts. You are targeting a type of user who is like those followers. Web Integrator is experienced in Twitter advertising internationally.

LinkedIn Advertising Service:

LinkedIn is the most professional corporate social networking platform in the world. LinkedIn is active in over 200 territories and countries, with over 740 million active users worldwide.

There are mainly three kinds of LinkedIn paid advertisement campaigns. They are:

  • LinkedIn Text Advertisement: This type of ad is shown in the LinkedIn desktop feed.
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content: This type of content ad is placed LinkedIn feed for both mobile & desktop
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail: This type of ad is served in the LinkedIn user's inbox messages.

The LinkedIn advertisement works better in company & employee-specific targeting, corporate training, professional workshops, company employee position, and seniority-level targeting. Web Integrator has specific corporate-level international social media advertisers to assist you with this.

YouTube Advertising Service:

According to Statista, Youtube has more than 2.3 billion monthly users in the world. In addition, 79% of internet users have a Youtube account which makes them the second most popular social media platform.

Youtube advertisements are for companies who can present & engage audiences about their products in 6 to 15 seconds videos. Besides, it's also beneficial in a more extended video for unique or definitive product or service advertisements.

There are mainly five types of Youtube advertisements:

  • Non-Video Ads: This cheap advertisement is placed on the right side with a banner & image with a link.
  • Skippable In-Stream Video Ads: This type of advertisement is skippable and can be used before, during, or at the end of the video.
  • Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads: This type of non-skippable advertisement is short and can be used anywhere in the video to gain the audience's full attention.
  • Bumper Ads: This 6 seconds long non-skippable ad can be played at the beginning of a video.
  • Discovery Ads: This type of ad is shown at the top of the result when a user searches for something on Youtube.

Web Integrator's Social Media Advertising Process

We maintain a suitable chain system advertising procedure for your company, brand, or business. We have over ten years of experience in the Social media marketing sector. You can check our completed previous projects in the case studies section. Let's get over with how we will execute your projects on time.

Assign A Professional Social Media Advertiser As Your Account Manager:

An account manager with social media advertising expertise can help you promote your business more closely and effectively. He'll learn about your business, take action & supervise every step of the operations, and report back to you. You can easily reach him over email, messenger, or phone if necessary.

Creating A Suitable Advertising Strategy:

Depending on your business type and style, we will develop an outline of how we will execute the overall operations of advertising. We will generate a fair and economical ad strategy for your company.

Finalize An Engaging Advertisement With You:

Prepare every aspect of advertising like textual content, product copywriting, image or video, etc. Perform simple A/B testing regarding your business. Then arrange and distribute everything in the right place to make the ad look professional so that audiences become interested and click on it.

Supervise Ads Campaign & Optimize If Necessary:

Supervise every aspect of your ads campaign to understand its performance. We will identify low-performing sections of your ads and enhance them as soon as possible. If everything is not going as expected, we will stop continuing these tactics and develop another approach to get the desired results.

Maintaining Communication & Reporting:

Your assigned social media advertiser will keep you posted weekly with proper clarification reports. Our reporting will include all of the conversions from the ads. The report will be provided in a professional & well-mannered way.

Hire Web Integrator For Social Media Advertising Service

Web Integrator is a growing digital marketing agency. As a social media advertising company, We focus on developing considerable business growth by maintaining quality content, on-page SEO, social media marketing & advertising, and content marketing. Our 12 years of experience made us a confident supportive agency that can help your business to grow. Our most popular services are:

You can see our client's good testimonials here to understand our reputation. Besides, if you are confused, you can get a free quote from us or contact us.

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