Inventory management software (IMS) necessary for maintaining the warehouse with the stocks.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software (IMS) necessary for maintaining the warehouse with the stocks. However, it’s connected your back-office and accounting systems integrated with the software alone successfully optimize the inventory systems, nor confirm the physical stock reconciliation with systems to make sure the right financial reports, which is much difficult in manual work. To integrate IMS with your back-office process will provide an economical edge with effective planning, surely execute with diminishing labour cost, satisfied customers, and errors free reconciliation. Getting benefit from an IMS, it’s very important to analyze and assess the needs that increase the organization business strategy and future growth.



The integration process is simple and eases to reach the objectives and principles of the inventory module with an ERP system that meet the accounting goals. It also reduces the cost of additional application development just with a secure API connection which can share necessary information with other software. The design of the application follows the modern technic that would be a great advantage to help easily integrated with any software development in another coding platform.



The very last technology makes the software more user-friendly and also easy move for the developer. All the configuration include API would changeable from the user control panel. So anyone can modify the sending and receive the request based on their requirements. All the process work in real-time and will involve constant keep as the automated live solutions up gradation and also manual updating and be reconciling synchronization with short time.




To work together with an Inventory management software and back-office system with accounting solution must communicate effectively to get the good result. If the integration does not work then the organization count a great loss. Also, it must be real-time, transparent, flexible, easily accessible and reconcilable. Must ensure the financial reports with the stock inventory, supply-chain partners, and customer or resellers information with date wise accurately to the authorized user. It would more transparent and flexible to users who continuously update data to keep the business on the right track and smooth integration processes. Whereas the users don’t need to concentrate on the inner integration. Because sometimes it will make some delay for overloaded information, another hand it will work in real-time and transport all the values organized in single place.




Nowadays most of the IMS integrates seamlessly with various type of application such as e-commerce, EDI systems etc. The achievement of this software to increase the profit and revenue and give an access to the owner to look at the operations. Supply chain and operation will improve and the data analysis process will efficiently when the data synchronizing from the sources point.

For keep balance of the conflicts of the finance and inventory make the owner and if there any investor who is capitalizing and tied up with the profit will be satisfied. Customer will get quick service. Particularly the reseller who is always facing the order cancel issue due to lacking product in stock.




Manage Products & Inventory

  • Product List With details
  • Generate individual Barcode
  • Track Items with Distinctive Serial No.
  • Numerous Locations & Sublocations
  • Numerous Units of Measurement
  • Track All Movement Records
  • Collect Products and Bill


Receive Orders from Customers

  • Customer List with details
  • One-Click Complete all Workflow
  • Print Invoices


Stock from Vendors

  • Stock Reorder
  • Tracking Product Cost
  • Print Purchase Order



  • Graphs
  • Customizable
  • Import/Export Data

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