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Do You Have Setup Fees Or Contracts?

Unlike most Digital Marketing Agencies, Web Integrator Ltd doesn't charge you for any setup fee. Most of the agencies charge their customers for the setup fee at first. We find this kind of action can demotivate the clients to take any services. So we don't charge our clients for setup fees.

What Is The Billing Cycle?

Web Integrator Ltd provides the safest, most convenient, and most secure billing method. Our billing cycle is Easy for our clients. Our billing cycle is based on the day you purchased our service. You'll get an invoice on the next month's very same date you bought our service.

How Much Does It Cost?

You know that this kind of service requires unique methods for different-different business. So the cost will be depending on the service packages. You can find various services with various packages on our website.

Do You Agree with A Marketing Plan Before Launching It?

We always value our clients by listening to them sincerely. After evaluating your business, we can always give you a suitable business plan and choices. But we respect your client's plan as well. If you have any marketing plan on your own, we'll be happy to discuss it and execute it with your guidance.

How Many Packages Can I Have At Any One Time?

Web Integrator Ltd has a team of specialized people in specific sections. We are not just a couple of guys doing every type of task for you. So you can take as many packages as you want. It won't be a problem for us because a different specialized team will provide different-different services.

Why Does SEO Have Recurring Costs?

SEO is a systematic & continuous process. Some of the SEO works are one-time, like on-page SEO optimization. But most of the SEO work to do slowly, like off-page SEO. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't do it quickly because of search engine webmaster guidelines. If we speed up the work, search engines might mark it as spam. Besides, you can't see any SEO work results below three months.

Why Does My Company Need Reputation Management?

Reputation management is an indispensable component of a business. If your business continues without maintaining reputation management, you'll not get organic customers. Without organic customers, you'll have to depend on continuous marketing, which is unsuitable for your business. You must prioritize your reputation management section to make your clients your recurring customers.

Is There A Minimum Term Contract?

Yes, for SEO services, we take three months to see the improvement.

Who Will I Be Working With?

You'll get in touch with the department head of relevant service. Also, you'll get progress updates from the specific sections' team leader.

Can I Talk To Some Of Your Clients?

Due to privacy concerns, we don't expose any of our clients to anyone. But you can see the works we did for our clients. You can see them from here.

Do You Follow The Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines?

Yes, we strictly follow the search engine webmaster guidelines. We don't do any black-hat or unethical practices. Our work process is completely ethical and transparent.

Is There Any Secret To Getting SEO Results?

Yes, various optimization procedures depend on your business criteria. We'll share them with you so that you can maintain your SEO stability on search engines.

Do I Need Different SEO Strategies For Different Search Engines?

In Web Integrator Ltd, No! We professionally optimize your pages by strictly following search engine guidelines and follow ethical procedures which will work on all search engines. 

How Much Does It Cost To Implement An SEO Campaign?

It depends on your business condition, website's condition, keyword difficulty, and, most importantly, what campaign strategy you are going to choose.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Sure, Why Not? Suppose you can fulfill the search engine webmaster's guideline and be updated on search engine algorithms. In that case, you can do it on your own. But we always recommend keeping in touch with a professional to achieve a business target. 

What Affects The SEO Ranking?

There so many factors which should be maintained to get an SEO ranking. The most important are: A Secure and Accessible Website, Mobile Friendliness, Optimized Content, User Experience, Technical SEO, Backlinks, etc.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Technically yes! You already know that you need to give at least three months if you want to see the SEO results. We always offer our recommendation for your business after auditing your website. And let you know how much time should it takes & how much money you should've spent on that. If you agree to the time & budget, we can guarantee that you'll get the search engine's first-page position result.

Who Makes The Content?

Your content will be written & optimized by our senior English native writers. 

Are There Any Keywords That You Cannot Rank?

If the keyword is highly competitive, keyword intent-less, then we can't rank this type of keyword.

Where Is Your Team Based?

Web Integrator Ltd is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Bangladesh. Still, we have a supporting team and remote employees from all over the world.

What Are The Login Details For The Accounts You Create?

The necessary login credentials will be shared with you by google docs. You can access them anytime from anywhere.

Can You Provide Me A Link To Where I Can See The Links You Have Created To My Website?

Of course. You'll get the public links, and if there's no public link, then you'll get screenshots. After completing any task, we provide our clients a full detailed report to see the process, progress, and outcomes.

When I Checked The Position Of My Target Keywords In Google, It Doesn't Seem To Match The Result From Your Report. Why?

Google search results are depended on your geographical location. Even though if your location is slightly changed, the search results also show customized location-based results. Besides, ranking positions constantly change on the search engine result page.

How Is Your Service Offering Different From The Others?

Web Integrator Ltd is in this industry for over a decade. We have many years of experienced industry professionals on our team. We have a reasonable manner in our workplace and with clients. Our services are also comparatively more cost-effective than others. We don't apply unethical practices to show our clients a quick result. We always follow the community guidelines and do ethical practices. The most important thing is we provide 24/7 support to our clients.

Does Your SEO Work For All Major Search Engines?

Yes, our professional optimization will work on all search engines.

Can You Optimize My Google My Business Listing?

You can list your business With the "Google My Business" and give location on Google Maps and local search results. It can display important information about your business, including business time and hours, contact information, or links to your website. Recently, Google also released a new feature that allows you to post links to future articles or events. If your business is online and does not have a physical business, consider creating a "Google My Business" page. We'll assist you with that. For more information, please contact us.

How Do I Know Which Type Of SEO I Need?

You will be asked some questions from us. You'll share your business condition and website. We'll run a quick audit of your website. Then we'll explain to you what's your website's condition is and what you should do.

Do You Offer Other Search Engine Marketing Services?

We offer google search engine optimization services alongside Bing, Yahoo, and local directory marketing services.

Could You Give Me Some Free SEO Tips?

Sure, let us run a quick SEO audit of your website. Then we'll give you some suggestions.

Can You Perform An SEO Audit On My Website?

Of course, please get in touch with us and give us your website address and we'll run a quick audit of your website and let you know what you should do.

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