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Crystal Candle Hub


Crystal Candle Hub is the best website to buy crystals. They have various crystal colors, shapes, and sizes for sale. They also offer many different candle fragrances, conditions, and sizes to match any decor with low prices and free shipping on specific amounts of orders. This store is the place to go to find what you need.

Anyone can explore all the spiritual necessities for your sanctuary. They carry the best quality crystals and candles. They have various styles and types of candle holders, incense, and items to enhance your spiritual experience.

Wish Candles, Scented Candle, Tea Light, Jelly Candle, Pillar Candle, Glass Jar Candle, Party Candle, Unscented Candle, and Candle Miscellaneous. Whether you are looking for it, you will find everything you need.


They had a physical shop up and running, but they didn't have any online presence. They didn't know how to start their business online and how to operate it. There were so many spiritual & jewelry stores that were running their business both physically and online. They were looking for someone they trust with their business and learn how to utilize a business website to improve their business growth and revenue. They didn't know how to maintain and manage an online store to achieve new customers. Until they found us...



After hosting the Crystal Candle Hub Authority Meeting, we created a blueprint of their website development model and showed them. After they patched up and added a few more features, we started our hands-on job designing and growing their eCommerce store. We choose Shopify because it is ideally suited to their business functionality. We have integrated the most secure payment gateways and customized a Shopify theme according to the plan. We successfully applied for the program and managed the website within a month. Then we started to solve the practical website problem like lead collector implementation, live chat, order management, page speed optimization, and other kinds of things. It took another two months to optimize everything and load all their products perfectly.



After the dedicated three months of our kind support, the Crystal Candle Hub website has become one of the best spiritual & jewelry online shops. The website's page speed is top-notch. The user interface and user experience are excellent, so we found a low abandon cart problem. Now their website is completely functional, and taking daily orders and process is with all the functionality. After all, we have taught them how to run their business online, and they have been doing fine for years.


“The most cooperative and best SEO specialist. Thank you so much for working so hard on IncensePro. Due to your contribution this company got ranked way faster than we had anticipated.”


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