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KidsToys is one of the USA's best online stores for kids' toys. Their assortment includes a wide range of toys, kids' clothes, baby products, and mom care products, a unique collection, the latest design, supportive education toys, and tools among online toy stores. You'll get a special kid's toys online shopping experience. Unlike any other toy store, they are a unique online store because they have all of it covered by most education-supportive toys categories. If anyone is searching for toy stores, then visiting Kids Toys will be a good idea because they have a faster delivery service all over the US.


KidsToys focuses on drop shipping the best kids products to the US market. They didn't have any online presence. They didn't know how to start their dropshipping business online and how to operate it. There were so many kid's stores running their business both physically and online in the USA. They were looking for someone they trust with their business and learn how to utilize a dropshipping business website to improve their business growth and revenue. They didn't know how to maintain and manage an online store and products to achieve new customers. Until they found us...




After we took the meeting with the KidsToys authority, we have made a blueprint. Once they finalized and added some other features, we have started our practical work to design and develop their eCommerce dropshipping store. We choose Shopify because it's perfectly suitable for their business type. We have performed the most secure payment gateways and customize a Shopify theme according to the plan. We have successfully applied for the program and run the website within one month.
After that, we have started solving the practical issue of the website like implementing lead collector, live chat, order management, page speed optimizations, and other kinds of stuff. It took two more months to optimize everything and uploading all their products perfectly. We developed the site user-friendly; we implemented Schema, Order tracking, Review System, Question & Answering system, SMS Gateway, AMP, and many more things. We have uploaded more than 3000 products to their shop.




After the dedicated four months of our kind support, the KidsToys website has become one of the best kid's toys online shops. The website's page speed was perfectly optimized. The user interface and user experience are excellent, so we found a low abandon cart problem. Now their website is completely functional, and taking daily orders and process is with all the functionality. After all, we have taught them how to run their business online, and they have been doing fine for three years.



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